Our world

Verdo has unique expertise in the procurement, transport, contract management and product development of fuels. Our customers benefit from the experience we have generated at our CHP plants. And with a well-developed sourcing network across the entire world, we always ensure that our customers have access to the most optimal biomix.

Verdo is one of Denmark's greenest energy companies and our FSC certification ensures that large energy producers who buy fuels from us can comply with the sustainability requirements set out for the Danish energy industry.

We emphasise positive collaboration, strong customer and supplier relationships, as well as long-term planning and the management of needs and risks. Mutual trust and customer care are key concepts for Verdo.

Verdo is Denmark's largest company within the trade of solid fuels, including biomass. We are also a major player in the international arena, with subsidiaries and sales departments in England, Scotland, Croatia, the USA, Norway and Bahrain. 

Our British company Verdo Renewables is a market leader in the British wood pellet market, carrying out production and sale of quality wood pellets from branches in England and Scotland.

Our subsidiary Carbon Partners sells specially prepared coal from sales departments in the USA and Norway. Carbon Partners is a global leader in advice on and sale of specially prepared coal for the metal industry.

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